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These ideas are bad and free for the taking. Just let me know if you do it. I might do it some day.

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Ergogen Atreoid w/ choc low profile and nice!nano v2

here's a start from measuring my semi-curled finger lengths:

  # Parameters
  row_spacing: 1cy

  usb_cutout_x:  51.64
  usb_cutout_y: 2.10
  usb_cutout_r: -15.5

  # Constants
  choc_cap_x: 17.5
  choc_cap_y: 16.5

  choc_plate_thickness: 1.2
  mx_plate_thickness: 1.5

  key: # each key across all zones will have these properties
    bind: 5
    width: choc_cap_x
    height: choc_cap_y
    footprints: # These footprints will be added for each of the points
        type: choc
          to: "{{key_net}}"
          from: GND
          reverse: false
          hotswap: true
          # Don't show a model for this since 'choc' already loads the model
          model: false
          keycaps: false
        type: choc
          rotate: 180
          to: "{{key_net}}"
          from: GND
          keycaps: true
          reverse: false
          key.stagger: 18
            bottom.skip: true
            num.skip: true
            top.skip: false
          rows.bottom: $unset
          key.stagger: 9
        middle.key.stagger: 8
        index.key.stagger: -16
          stagger: -4
          bind: [44.5,10]
          key.stagger: -16
            bottom.key.bind: 10
            num: $unset
  rotate: -10
    ref: matrix_thumb_home
    distance: 64

    - where: true
      what: rectangle
      size: 18
    - where:
        ref: matrix_inner_top
        rotate: 10
        shift: [110, -410]
      what: circle
      radius: 500
#      size: [320,140]
    - where:
        ref: matrix_middle_top
        shift: [-90,-570]
      what: circle
      radius: 500
    - where:
        ref: mirror_matrix_middle_top
        shift: [-90,-570]
      what: circle
      radius: 500
    - where:
        ref: matrix_thumb_bottom
        shift: [120,-510]
      what: circle
      radius: 500
  _bottom_arch: [
    - where:
        ref: matrix_inner_top
        shift: [45,0]
      what: circle
      radius: 160
  edge: [
    # - where: true
    #   corner: 2
    #   what: rectangle
    #   size: 36
    #   bound: true
    #   joints: round
    - edge
    - -holes

  - what: outline
    name: plate
    extrude: 5

    - outline: edge
        what: choc
        where: true
          from: '{{name}}_from'
          to: '{{name}}_to'
      # these are untested still
        what: diode
        where: true
          shift: [0, -4.7]
          from: "{{row_net}}"
          to: "{{colrow}}"
        what: promicro

            - ref: matrix_inner_top
            - ref: mirror_matrix_inner_top
          shift: [0, 22]

Eris / Atreustrackpointmod add a trackpoint and layer LEDs to the Keyboardio Atreus

[2023-10-02 Mon 19:51]

put radxa0 in beepberry and get nixos building for it

INPROGRESS Mastadan-powered second brain

what if instead of being weirded out that you have to pick a server when signing up to the Fediverse you and your friends could be shit like or whatever for nominally 0$ a month, or maybe like 5$ a month after you start backing up the homeserver to backblaze

what if knowledge work was accomplished as a conversation with a set of actors, some programmatic, some probabilistic, some human?

i got stoned and wrote some long threads where i think about a microblog interface for the arcology project/knowledge management/notetaking and this sort of "iterative thinking in public" pattern that i have between Fediverse and org-roam. A simple realization is that right now my thinking flows from post->org->post but my tooling only goes org->post. here's how you could over-engineer a solution to that and build a weird public second brain which allowed 3rd party thinkers. here's how you could build a Concept Operating System.

an FORTH for Emacs Lisp

a forth interpreter and core words in Emacs

a grammar that can call built in functions

slowly integrate a forth programming environment in to my org notebooks?? dark laughter

there should be a fork of debian like devuan, but systemd-maximalist.


patch software to use sd-notify when they are ready to serve dependencies so that After= always works

socket activation so your system has very few processes running when idle and has zero-downtime service upgrades

default to encrypted home-directories with systemd-homed

can I make systemd system services punch holes in my firewall?

how much of a system could be configured only from .service files

the whole nine

the systemd-virus tight coupling stuff that people are always afraid of kind of doesn't exist because free software developers are pretty conservative when it comes to adopting these features. by and large the red-hat funded psyop has not been terribly successful except when it comes to displacing udev and syslog as linux defaults, the former hardly any one notices & the latter one of its most controversial core features.

So the random linux system has this sort of hodge-podge of components makes a system which requires more brainpower to reason about, and maybe it's worse than if you got to go "all in" on systemd mindset rather than being entirely anti to escape the increased cognitive load. i posit that maybe it's not "systemd" being complex but a "poorly defined user interface between systemd and the other core OS components"

Python package that monkey-patches a JQ parser in to Dict and List objects

  things=[dict(a=1, b=2, c=rand.randint(1, 10)) for thing in things]

sickos.jpg forbiddenfruit makes this like 15 lines of code:

from forbiddenfruit import curse
import json
import subprocess

def invoke_jq(self, query: str):
    with subprocess.Popen(["jq", "-c", "--unbuffered", query],
                          stdout=subprocess.PIPE) as proc:
        s = json.dumps(self)
        stdout, stderr = proc.communicate(input=s, timeout=1)
        assert proc.returncode == 0
        return json.loads(stdout)

curse(dict, "q", invoke_jq)

import random

things = range(1, 50)

d = dict(
    things=[dict(a=1, b=2, c=random.randint(1, 10)) for thing in things]
print(d.q("[.things[]|select(.c>5)|[.a, .c]]"))
[[1, 10], [1, 6], [1, 6], [1, 10], [1, 10], [1, 10], [1, 9], [1, 6], [1, 8], [1, 7], [1, 6], [1, 6], [1, 8], [1, 7], [1, 6], [1, 7], [1, 8], [1, 7], [1, 7], [1, 6], [1, 10], [1, 7], [1, 7], [1, 10], [1, 7], [1, 6]]

this game Death Roads: Tournament has me thinking about "roguelite deckbuilder" style take on stage Rally Racing

like uhm you're trying to maximize your focus, momentum, and speed through each stage, and tires and car health. break it up in to 15-30 encounters where you're taking corners as they are read to you where you are trying to balance your resources against a deck of limited actions. it could be hot-hatch stage rallying or it could be Rally Raid ala Dakar, each would be different.

action types: car handling, pedal work, co-driver interaction, cutting corners, way-finding, action cards could have multiple types, or be combined? pedal work + turn-in for the initial d drift?

you're being told what is coming two or three encounters ahead of you, like your codriver is telling you in two turns you will have a right handed hairpin, so you need to make sure you keep or draw cards which will let you bring down your speed with the smallest possible momentum spend.

in each section of the stage you'd have the chance to draw negative effects like gravel, or surprise frost, spectator on stage, etc and depending on the running order you could be facing more negative effects than if you were further down the starting order. going first means you have to clear the layer of dust and dirt off the road for the cars behind you to go quicker and deal with sort of status effects like that as a way to rubberband the leader. kind of cheeky

in between each special stage you have the ability to make certain tunes to your car which will change you deck layout; in service park you could have an extended deck restructuring session and maybe some silly interlude stuff between the other drivers, like there could/would be a seasonal meta-progression where you're interacting with other drivers or teams in your paddock or choosing to ignore the social/networking aspect of the championship to focus on improving your car, but if you end up in a ditch the car behind you may not stop to help you put out the fire in the engine bay. game over, or not if you're palling around the service park more.

is this a thing? is this a game or is it a weird art project? i bet i could make a text-only prototype of this. the final version could either be a mix of onboard footage still art and static camera shots of a model car traveling through the procedurally generated corner as its own scene? you'd be able to commission a bunch of really cool art scenes of like kenya and finland and monaco to drop car models on to. like, if you do it carefully you could use actual stages are inspiration

there's modes of this where you are playing in a car which has low speed stats but you have a lot more focus and momentum to work with like the classic Mini Cooper, group a monsters where you constantly feel like you're out of focus and driving on the edge (of the tree-line), and the WRC cars today that are all amped out everything turned to 11.

could also be Rally Strand Game?

This idea got baked in to a prototype as Group B Pace Notes and i'll probably write a web version soon..

Emacs IELM minor-mode which makes it easier to query org-roam APIs

It would be really nice to have quick ways to, say completing-read an org-roam node and insert the ID or generate an s-expression to org-roam-node-get that node, etc…

A Youtube Geoblocker Breaker

IMAP Smart Scoring = { defaultWwwUri = ""; enable=true; };

Parenthetical Trek bot idea

Rally Strand Game

every day is a procedural rally stage that you can run once, and you can add pace notes. pace notes placed early in the day get more points, are more valuable, and playing later in the day can be easier/more guided

From the Journal

[#A] Calvin and Hobbes Tokipona translations

"Game plumbing and game porcelein", a game built with the unix philosophy as a bunch of tiny subcommands

[#C] Deadly Premonitions driving monologues laid over Forza Horizona night rain street scene race

Pulled from Matrix room:

The dumb shit Tor and I come up with. Some of these are actually really good ideas. some of them are just nonsense

[#A] 3D printable credit card wallet that fits an Arduboy PCB in it, so that you can have a little Video Games in your wallet

[#A] DKC Minecart game

[#A] Judge Dredd but they're Firefighters

[#A] tracery generating s-expressions to feed in to a clojurescript macro. generate cljs-bach code to procedurally generate synthesized audio

[#B] this pico8 but his eyes are bloodshot like he's High

for i=0,1,.05 do
for j=0,1 do
for i=-4,4 do
flip()goto _

[#B] fast5 the video game, isometric bank vault heist puzzle game

[#B] illuminated vectors on black, a la wrecking crew orchestra el squad as Video Games aesthetic

[#B] Multiplayer SimEarth Video Games

procedurally generated cities in this style.

President 47 HITMAN

Steamboat Dr. Wily

Werewolf game built around blameless postmortem

server which automates the creation of WireGuard and Syncthing device configurations which expose the devices over WG private network

Easy screenshare + editor collaboration over tunnel, emacs plugin which wormholes buffer changes to collaborator over wg

torwegia: + torwegia:

elements of the past and future coming together to make something worse than both from the might boosh S3E1 gif + golang

Movie poster of Transformers, overlaid with Oops! All Explosions! captain crunch box

Barroth Blaster Taco Bell/Monster Hunter Collab

YouTube channel which weekly chooses a doomsday argument from history and attempts to provide the context needed for people to understand why anyone would believe it

Geoguessr but for the habitat of a given animal sub species

  1. r. superiorensis (Peterson & Downing) – western Great Lakes area, including upper Michigan, Wisconsin, southern Ontario, and most of Minnesota

A custom PS4 controller that is an ergonomic armored core grip

Portable speaker that has a raspberry pi running an mpd server and acts as a hotspot

Gallant Charles Leclerc

Hot-Box Truck

Tetris keyboard console, a portable with an lcd and low latency wireless lan play, p2p tournament support

Base Building game that takes places on in a shared world. Dwarf Fortress but you can build your bases up to take over abandoned or failed bases of others, battling, etc.

Above, but a fast paced roguelike/ght, you face the ghost of a dead player and whatever killed them for all their loot

Racing Family Dynasty Simulator. Build your own dream F1 team from one rookie immigrant to the son who starts foreign go kart school at 13

It could also have some sort of Lifestyle Simulator thing too, building up these elaborate racer trope characters, the charicatures of the Schumacher and Andretti and the Petty

Building alliances with other racing families through intermarriage and business partnerships

nginx lua script that will return a tarball of a directory, /gplv3

a fail2ban plugin which will ban IP addresses that access a page which has gone viral or is a honeypot

like oh someone posted me on hackernews overnight, good bye internet until i can react

infosuicide bomb, yikes woo sweat emoji

two mice, two mouse cursors

Operation Yashima logistics game, rerouting all of the power in japan to fire a big gun

God trying to make a bong so big he couldn't clear it, a short scifi story

Asimov futurism jumps, geoengineering a planet to support cannabis growth, lighting the planet up and clearing it

[#C] Knuck tat idea #786: EMPA THY!

[#C] Surrealist Text Editor

[#C] A Tool for Emacs which accepts a QML-LIKE s -expression and launches a QML in a PyQt5 app, which can have signals that execute elisp by calling to emacsclient, to create simple GUIs around emacs

[#C] Skate mod but you play as a dog

[#C] Skit where you are a twitch tv streamer who is doing a World Record pace run but your mum is forcing you to go to bed early. Splice runs or something to make a legitimate looking run, but you never record a finish time so no one can verify it