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Linux Bike Computer App


Dumb Ideas Done Dirt Cheap: a privacy-focused linux handheld device like PinePhone or Librem 5 would be a great candidate for an OSM powered bike computer application.

tie-ins with the ANT and bluetooth stuff is probably the hard part, but for commuters and tourists it would be really nice to have something private and purpose-built.

no instagram selfies here

The cool thing about doing this is on linux is that Qt convergent QML development is a no-brainer. it'd be a fun project if I felt like it, then use NixOS to bake images purpose built for bike-computer usage and a desktop app;

a small daemon which spits out dbus messages that the qml app can consume and other frontends?

Previous Art

you can buy a small "suunto" USB module which can do ANT+ controlled with a ttyUSB0

Track your heartrate on raspberry pi with ANT+ a python-ant library

WAITING support for bluetooth LE and those devices?

WAITING support for ANT devices?

WAITING open street map tiles and bike routing

we got bike-route tiles and we can be smart about POIs to show

WAITING kml import export overlay

WAITING stopwatch and recording

WAITING stats and reviews

WAITING maybe a local sync/collaborative thing between phone and laptop for example