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Lipu Kasi - A Plant Diary


Lipu Kasi is Tokipona for Plant Diary, Lipu Kasi is a simple Plant Diary. It's a Phoenix Framework web application developed as org-mode Literate Programming using org-babel. Right now it's using only the tangle/detangle/noweb features of this, none of the inter-mingling of different languages and data. This is an experiment in extending my CCE development philosophies in to a new domain, a pure Literate Programming system from the ground up. So keep that in mind. I intend to make it at least somewhat possible to work "outside" of the org-mode documents, but it will be more difficult to contribute that way and I'm likely to reject any patches that don't update the documentation alongside the code.

Table of Contents


There is a Makefile to make it easier to tangle the files.

make tangle will tangle any org document which is newer than a handle left in _build. It's important to keep your tangled documents up to date with the file system, but for development it's likely that you're sending the Elixir code to a running IEx session, there will be an org-mode documentation providing for this at some point soon.

make init will tangle, download dependencies, and compile them.