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Convergence Is Commuting Without a Backpack


Brief review of my varies convergence experiments and blog posts

in middle school and early high school, I did nearly everything on a Palm T|X, and a desktop computer running various flavors of GNU Linux distributions.

in high school i carried an Asus EEEPC 1000HE with me everywhere

it was self-sufficient and worked with or without wifi, which was great since my school didn't have wifi and didn't let people have smartphones out in class. even my palm pilot was a no-no, but some of the classes were fine with my taking notes or writing or doing work with the tools on my computer.

what did I do in service of this vision from 2009-2011? hackerspace life, free software communitizing.

2011-2013 the change of scenery and the start of convergence work

What is convergence?