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I got a SteamDeck mostly so that I could play art of rally and Rimworld while traveling and on the go. I'll also put my emulation systems on it and probably sell the Retromodding FreePlay CM3 which had all that stuff on it before. Most of the time this will probably just be near my bed stand and i'll try to get off my computer sooner in the evening.

Maybe put a Kodi box hooked back up to my bedroom display so that I can get out of my desktop linux nightmarescape sooner and wind down… especially with the AC in there now. Maybe it's actually time to re-organize the rooms so that i can have my little lounge chair in my bedroom?


Let's avoid the trap, but:

Most of the games I want I already have on Steam

Digging in to wishlist…

own on switch, but PC ports:

DONE Epic Game Store via Heroic

Heroic is a game launcher which supports GOG and Epic Game Store imports. I would use it to play Trackmania 2020 and John Wick Hex and Crying Suns and a handful of free games.


it's on Flathub on the Steamdeck

I have a bunch of random indie and queer Art games on here, it'd be nice to have them.

Emulation via EmuDeck

EmuDeck seems like the way to go?

Mostly I just want a handful of N64, Gameboy and Gameboy Advance and Playstation games. I don't wanna deal with full romsets on this thing even with a big old M.2 SSD I think

Install Emacs

I don't have a problem. I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM.

I just want to study my SRS cards. I promise I won't be editing my notes on the virtual keyboard, for my own sake.

CANCELLED Set up x11docker

this script accepts a Dockerfile, but i wanna use dockerTools.buildLayeredImage to just use the included emacs version…

this has all sorts of assumptions that make dockerTools hard to use…

Desktop Mode within Gaming Mode

exec startplasma-wayland --xwayland --x11-display $DISPLAY --no-lockscreen --width 1280 --height 800 -- plasma_session