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Personal Software Can Express Ethics


a lot of these can directly translate to My Ethics once i feel like filling that page.

I consider software less as engineered artefacts and more as an ecosystem of creative expression. It's reasonable to create software which makes ethical or artistic statements, and that act with artistic intent should itself be free from criticism even as the statement and those who hold it are abhorrent to the reader and rightly criticised.

Here are some ethics I would like to express:

When the ethics drives choices, things and people which are ethically aligned are drawn towards you, increasing the efficiency of your in-group.

org-mode is so powerful because any text can be linked to, hyperlinked facts with a query API. gnus is so powerful because of its scoring system and off-line storage and rendering of web content.

these are strengths that i refuse to lose in moving to other solutions to their problem-space and so i live in a local minima.