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Before the dawn of mankind, in 2015 or so I joined the Ecosystem with some lofty goals to build some mesh computing projects which could communicate using Matrix's rooms as JSON message-passing queues. I never ended up building any of those prototypes but did build a prototype Emacs Matrix client matrix-client.el which I developed on for a few years until I started using EXWM – getting the two to play well together was not worth it while debugging sync issues with request.el and trying to keep a a job that wanted me dead. I put down a lot of my contributions over 2016-2019 and mostly folks picked them up. Alphapapa took the matrix-client codebase and ushered it along, eventually trying a new method under the name ement.el, check it out.

One of the other contributions was a Matrix room, originally created under my first homeserver at, and only delegated power levels to the one active person in the room circa 2017 or whenever. I subsequently lost the server key for's HS in 2017 when I lost a server without backups. Don't trust me with running a system well when I'm not being paid for or given the time to do it well, especially my own systems. :)

But I wasn't the only person who lost out there. This room doesn't have active administrators now since I lost access to my alias, and that only other admin has been AWOL since early on. A number of folks have asked me about this now and I don't have a solution, unless someone wants to help me gain brute-force access to that old homeserver key and can get me to having an account which can federate as

That alias is now pointed at ID ! after admins intervened and rescued the room. good stuff.