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Concept Operating System


I describe The Complete Computing Environment half-seriously as a Concept Operating System.

Literally, it's an operating system for producing independent knowledge work, a collection of tools implementing a Second Brain-type thinking tool using the org-roam nonlinear notebook system, Arroyo Systems Management to compose configuration and knowledge across my notebooks, and a set of personal practices encoded within them, sitting atop a mesh of interlinked Concepts and Topic Files nodes.

Figuratively, it's a Concept Album1 exploring the limits of Literate Programming, semi-public thinking and thought-working, and modal computing. There is a long-standing joke in the Free Software and Software Engineering communities that "Emacs is a fascinating powerful operating system, too bad it's got such a bad text editor". I am here to undermine that and have a set of tools which fit like a glove, integrating Evil Mode and other modal systems in to my GUI applications and my web browser, building a unique operating system and practices around Emacs's fundamental tools and idioms.

Ultimately, it's my thinking-tool and external brain. It is privacy-preserving, offline-capable, community-driven, and actively engaged in holistic creative work. It's an experiment in building a personal computing stack that is vertically integrated on a personal level. While I don't manufacture all the hardware myself, the choices are narrow, purposeful, and thoughtful.