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Computers make me cry, but they don't have to. Stuff linked here is generally solutions to or reasons that computers are bad. Maybe if I collect enough of them, computers will become less bad. dark laughter

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The Concept Operating System is the Omelas of Computers

The city's constant state of serenity and splendor requires that a single unfortunate child be kept in perpetual filth, darkness, and misery.

Arroyo Systems Management and the ultimate goal of The Arcology Project is to build the Omelas of Computers. A better society for my community where most of the burden of operation, the filth, darkness, and misery of operating software is lifted on to my shoulders.

A system where my friends and family have much of their needs met disintermediated from Facebook, Google, Apple, etc, and also have access to a communal knowledge base and publishing platform.

If I'm going to build the Concept Operating System for fun, and I want to build this as a thing others could implement, and others could use, someone has to take a heavy burden. I've been against building Free Software for others for a long time; Hey Smell This has been my ideology for a bit, for reasons outlined there. but when it's my first-order friends and family and community, the arithmetic changes. I'm okay with doing things for these people.

my partner gifts and trades food she grew from the ground and her labor, and receives such gifts from her people in kind. I want to do the same. I want to brew tea with you under moonlight. I want to build a way to share knowledge and disintermediate from adtech. trade one tortured utopia for another.

maybe it's a shortcoming that i can't extend this to strangers or outsiders, but it's easy enough to become a part of my community. I just want to be with aligned, good, awake people, and by lessening their computing maintenance burdens can we take a step toward that utopia? if i find my burden extending too far outside of my sphere i'm likely to retreat inward.

so what if it costs me money? i earn too much money relative to how hard and how much i work. spending that money on things that are most impactful to my community, some sickly myopic bastardization of Effective Altruism is a sort of okay philosophy to me right now. i am not going to maximize my income by working in finance and starting a crypto hedge fund to make as much money as possible to allocate and end up going to prison for money criems. but realistically without trying incredibly hard I can make 95th percentile income for my area far outside my cost of living, and to hoard that privilege instead of spreading it in to my communities is wrong.

so what if it costs me time? this shit is fun, i enjoy it in a sort of masochistic way. It's right here in the name of the page, Computers :(. It's it's technopaganism, the ghost in the shell. i. live. for. this. shit.

there are other reasons i feel more compelled recently to make sure i leave a legacy or positive momentum that i'll leave as subtext for now.

and if you see this and are disgusted, you can walk away to Facebook, Google, Apple, etc, or throw yourself on the shoals of the Free Software non-technical user experience. shit, do that latter one, please.

i'll be slowly building the Omelas of Computers over here, i guess

Network Card randomly waking Windows PC during sleep

My PC kept getting woke up by my network card, this helped me out:

powercfg -lastwake

If you're lucky, you'll have a pretty clear answer.

If this command didn't provide useful information, try this one:

powercfg -waketimers

It was my network adapter, and thus:

One of my sleepless computers told me it was waking up thanks to an Intel(R) I211 Gigabit network connection. This is the Ethernet port that connects my computer to the Internet and it means that some kind of network activity is regularly waking up the computer. You can fix this in Device Manager.

Open the Start menu, search for "Device Manager" and find the Ethernet or Wi-Fi adapter in question under Network Adapters. Right click on it, choose Properties and open the Power Management tab. Uncheck Allow this device to wake up the computer and you are ready to go.

Alternatively, you can keep this box checked and check Only Allow a Magic Package to Wake Your Computer . This is useful if you use Wake-On-LAN to remotely access sleeping computers. This will ensure that Wake-On-LAN is still working, without allowing any network traffic to bring your computer out of sleep. This box is not checked by default, for some godless reason, and checking it solved my problem beautifully.

I opted to allow WoL magic packets to wake the device, nothing really uses those right now, but it's probably useful in my back pocket…

Learned today that docker-registry uses htpasswd for auth, but requires it to be bcrypt

After spending an hour trying to push a container and getting frustrated with generic "Authorization failure" and not much else and then trying to reset my password many times and getting frustrated, i stumbled on a docker community forum thread that pointed out that it needs to use bcrypt…

sudo htpasswd -B /srv/docker-registry/htpasswd rrix