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I don't recommend it, per sei

My purpose here is not to promote Emacs, but to encourage finding events and phenomena and tools and people that fit your way of being. When I hired into the MAAS team at Canonical, I knew I had found my people. I can be the class clown and the IRC troll and the mediator and the explainer all at the same time, and nobody doubts those roles, and nobody sees that as good or bad: it's just who I am, and I fit, and everybody leaves those jobs to me.

What I'm getting at is bigger than an extensible text editor, or an occupation, or a beloved season. I'm saying it's worth finding your resonant frequency, the node where everything's in phase and you can transmit in the clear without looking over your shoulder. I'm convinced everyone has a sweet spot, and once you find it, goals and competitive measures and key milestones dim down enough that you can enjoy life and handle it well, whatever's happening. It's a place where even silence is a source of pleasant sound for you, where the trunk noise is familiar music and the tone is 20dB down on the nose.