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The Cathedral and the Bizarre


This is … thought provoking and deserves a second read through. On its face, it's a pretty damning look at both the free software and open source lenses of development, but does little to provide a way forward

The "success" of open office:

The open source model never supported Star Office and I doubt that it would have ever done so.

Consider the differences between Calligra and LibreOffice, even considering how far the Calligra folks have done things.

Free Culture as a failed revoultion, and a narrow cult:

"Open source as a mechanism to achieve a more equitable society" was always a form of pretence driven by hidden resentment and compensatory revolutionary personas. […] They managed to convince several generations of hackers that they should expect and demand that all software be collectivized and freely available, without any regard to how this model of labour actually fits into the larger economic system.

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