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Retrospective: Foregrounds Are Gone by the volume settings folder (2018)


[2019-12-24 Tue 1115]

I'm listening to my favorite albums of 2019 right now, and doing a retrospective of them, how they came to me, how I feel about them, what I like about them.

Listening to this is like sitting in a bathtub of warm water that never gets cold. The first time I listened to it, it was suffocating and dense, like falling in to a lake rather than a tub. I spent a lot of time on the bus listening to this album with the noise canceling in my headphones maxed out, eyes out the window and at the world around me. It's just about the right length to go from my old office downtown to the bus and to my front door on a day with great traffic. And so I probably listened to it once or twice a week. the volume settings folder has quite a lot of records like this, but I love the wandering guitar work in Foregrounds Are Gone in particular.

I listened to this at a camp site outside of Centralia when I was on my Vanagon trip through Washington in September. Lying in the van with my headphones on, and the sound of a light rain on the roof of the van paired with the sound of the rain in New Caledonian Crow was haunting and beautiful, to say the least.